Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's been a while...

Well guys, it's been a while I didn't updated anything in my blog here. It is because to update a blog I must have a mood and time, which is I dont have and feel it both. And right now, since I dont know what to do, let me add something to keep it update hehe.

Hurm so actually there's nothing to tell and type here. Life's been normal now, except for the career. Sometimes my mom asked me when I will find a job. I know I always asked her for the money but come on mama you got alot of money and I am your son, right? Hehe for the time being I still wasting my life-time now hanging out with friends, sleep all day long, riding a fixed gear, and etc. And it's been 3 month that I am jobeless. Ala baru 3 bulan belum 3 tahun pun, kan mama?

And there's a new interests : Work Out. Wooow! sounds very cool isn't? Yeah it's truely cool tho. My friend ; Hafiz who were responsibles to make me felt that the work out thingy is so much fun and interested. And he got a body full with muscle and perfect six pack. Damn you ! So that's my daily routine from 5 till 7 pm every fucking day baby.

In everything that I've been through and involved yet busy with, deeply in my heart there is still a love :) my Miley Cyrus and owh my new bestfriend. I heard peeps around him called him "Adam Lambert"? what? you got to be kidding me right? Well I miss you too Joy. Dont worry Miley Cyrus and Adam Lambert, I'll never forget about you both even for a second.

Well that's all about my life and all the things that went happened around since the last time I'd updated the blog. Stay on your seat, more post will be update soon. Thanks for reading.

*Devendra Banhart - Carmensita.

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