Monday, October 25, 2010


Smile. That is the first thing that I do when he came and approached. A great hair, nice set of teeth, a sweet smiling on her face owh I thought he could be the one. Then just after he approached, I'd replied it back. And begin the our relationship as a friend.

We chatted most of the night. Getting to know each other, eager to know each daily activity. Seems like we concerned about each other. Everything was getting smoother day by day until we exchange the phone number, everything was getting closer. And chatted was not stopped there, we continue our conversation through sms and caling each other.

After a few months knowing each other through phone and internet, we've made a deal to meet up. It was the first time, I drove to his house and fetched him. I was in a car in front of his house, when the time I saw him, I felt so happy. And we hanging out drive around his living area. We laughed together in a car about teasing about each other, yeah I can't forget that moment. I'd remembered I stopped by at Petrol Station to take a shower while he was waiting me outside and after that we went to Mamak and had a drink and talked.

I can't tell you more about this, but I just want you to know, he was a good friend, a good listener, a good person, very soft when he talked to me, have a sense of humor even when he was angry and even mad at me. Never dissapointed in making me laugh. But all this happiness doesn't stand forever.

I was ego. And my ego came with a jealousy. We had just a little problem. I was stupid I couldn't compare between ego and mad. He said sorry for twice and I still keep my ego up. Until a few days come along we didn't talked to each other. I thought that he might have other friends or other PLU, yes it was true. I didnt mean to stalked but I saw it in his profile. So i've made my decision, he doesn't need me. Although if he still need me, maybe i will be same like other. I want more, means here I want to be special.

I can't ask for that. So, the best way to settle this down is, I ignored him. From phone number, ym and FB, I rid it all off. Think that I easily done that? NO ! It so much pain for done that. You, you still lingering in my mind. But I had to take a step, for you to get a better life and friends around. I just dont want you to get tired treating my bad behaviour.

I wish I could turn back time a fix all of this but, hurmm.....ego :(

ps : I miss you. And I need to talk to you :(

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